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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase my images in black & white?

Blink Inc images may be purchased in black & white or color.  Your shoot detail view allows you to browse images in color or black and white.

To purchase images(blinks) in black & white:

  1. Please pick the shoot you want to view
  2. At the top of the shoot detail view, you will see a color and black and white selector button.  Choose black and white to see only black and white images. Alternately, you can click on the image that you would like to change to black & white. You will see a black & white box on the lower left corner which will allow you to change the view to show black and white images.

Printing Your Photos

Do you do prints?

Nope. We deliver beautiful jpegs to your account that you buy and download onto your computer.  We call them Blinks.

Where should I print my Blinks?

We have seen customers print with Apple, Shutterfly, Costco, or Target with very good results.

We do not recommend using drugstore printers such as Walgreens.  We have had issues with drugstores refusing to print Blink Inc photos due to legal policy issues.

How big can I print the images I download?

The photographs produced at Blink Inc are all full-size high resolution JPG images.  Our images as delivered to you are 5184 × 3456 pixels in size, and will print from 4” x 6” up to 30” x 60” at 300dpi.

We have seen customers print them much larger. Prints up to 20 feet are possible.  For prints this large, you will need to hire a printing company that can scale and convert our images to the appropriate scale for printing on their large-scale printers.  We do not do image conversion or DPI scaling for printing.  We leave that up to you and/or your print provider so that you can decide on the resolution that best serves your needs.


Downloading Your Photos

How do I purchase and download my Blinks?
  1. View your Blinks in your account on our site.
  2. Put the Blinks that you want to purchase in your shopping cart.
  3. If you want to buy all of the images from your shoot, click Buy All.
  4. Purchase your cart.
  5. Click Download on purchase page to download your purchased Blinks at one time, or view your shoot and click Download on individual Blinks to download them separately.
  6. Open the zip file from your downloads and view your Blinks. If you purchased Buy All, black & white images will appear first.
  7. Use your Blinks! You can drag and drop Blinks into Shutterfly, Photos and other photo apps to order prints, edit, crop, etc.
How do I get the photos from my shoot?

After your shoot is completed at a Blink studio, you will receive a shoot completion email with a link to your shoot.  You can click this link to go back to your shoot, or simply log into your Blink account and click on the Shoots link on the top menu bar. This will display all of the shoots you have done at Blink Inc.  

In order to download your images you will need to purchase the images you want.  Images can be downloaded individually or as a group from your shoot. 

Do you email me my purchased Blinks?

Nope. We email you a notification when your shoot ends to let you know that your Blinks are ready to be viewed and purchased from your account on our website. Remember - your Blinks are available instantly even before your shoot ends.

Can I download Blinks directly to my smart phone or tablet?

Yes! When viewing your shoot, click Download on purchased Blinks to download individual Blinks to the browser on your phone or tablet. If you want to save individual Blinks to your photo library, click the Save icon on your device.


Where are my images downloaded to on my computer?

This depends on your operating system and the browser you are using.  In most cases, your images will appear in your Downloads folder, and/or on your desktop, but this depends on how you set up your browser and computer downloading preferences.

Windows Vista / Internet Explorer / Chrome:

Your images are downloaded to your Downloads folder by default.  You can get to your Downloads folder by clicking the Start button, and then clicking your user name at the top of the menu that appears.  Double click on the Downloads folder to open the folder and check to see if your images are there.

Mac OS / Chrome / Safari:

Your images are downloaded to your Downloads folder by default.  Open the Finder and click on the Downloads folder in the Favorites menu on the left side of the Finder screen. 

Where should I keep my Blinks after I’ve downloaded them?

We suggest Photos, Shutterfly, or one of the many photo editing apps now available.

How long do I have to wait to see my pictures after my shoot?

We shoot in real time! That means instant gratification. Log into your account on your phone and view your images even before you leave the studio.

Questions About Images

Do you retouch/edit/photoshop Blinks?

Nope. However, we’re happy to refer you to retouchers outside of Blink Inc.

What should I do if the watermark is blocking a detail in the picture?

Give us a call, and one of our Producers will help you.  Our store locations and phone numbers are listed here.  

The producer will email you a screenshot of the section of the image that you need to see without the watermark.  


Why are there watermarks on my images?

Watermarks protect Blinks from being used before they are purchased and downloaded.

The watermark is removed from your images when you purchase them.

What is DPI, and how can I change the DPI of my images?

Before you attempt to change the DPI of your images, it helps to understand what DPI means and what it does.  DPI stands for Dots Per Inch.  When an image is printed on a printer DPI is used to determine how big the image will appear on the printed page.

The printer will use the DPI setting of an image file to calculate how many ink dots it will print for each group of pixels in the image per inch of print. Generally, the more DPI, the higher the quality of the print (more sharpness and detail) and the smaller the print will be.  Changing the DPI of an image does not change the underlying quality of the source image, only the size (and quality) of an image when it is printed.

The photographs produced at Blink Inc are all full-size high resolution JPG images.  Our images as delivered to you are 5184 × 3456 pixels in size, and will print from 4” x 6” up to 30” x 60” at 300 DPI.  We set the DPI of each image to 72 DPI because this is the most common setting for the images to display correctly on screens and printers without any issues.  If you are printing on a high-resolution printer, you (or the printer you hire) must change the DPI of the images you are printing to the proper DPI for the size and quality of the final print you will want.

A high-quality printing service will be able to change the DPI of the images they are printing to the appropriate setting for the size of print you want and for the printer they use.  You should not attempt to change the DPI of images without a thorough understanding of how your image will be printed, as an incorrect setting for DPI can cause image quality issues when the image is printed.

For a really thorough tutorial on image printing and DPI, we recommend the following links:

What is DPI / PPI? 

How to set DPI using Photoshop









I don’t like the way I look in my shoot. What should I do?

First - get other opinions from those who know and love you.

If you still don’t like how you look, please book another shoot, and come in with a different wardrobe and/or hair and makeup.


How long will my purchased Blinks be in my account?

Your purchased Blinks will be available in your account forever, or until you tell us to delete your images.  Once images are deleted from Blink Inc, they are gone forever!


Which editing apps do you suggest I use?

We suggest Photos, Instagram, Facebook, Photoshop and Afterlight.

What size are the images, and can I get them in different sizes?

The photographs produced at Blink Inc are all full-size high resolution JPG images.  Our images as delivered to you are 5184 × 3456 pixels in size, and will print from 4” x 6” up to 30” x 60” at 300dpi. We do not convert your images to 300 DPI.  We leave that up to you and/or your print provider so that you can decide on the resolution and size that best serves your needs.

When you purchase an image, Blink Inc delivers only the full-size image as produced from the camera.

What kind of camera do you use?

We use the Canon EOS 1DX series cameras and Canon's top-of-the line EFL lenses. The Canon lenses and bodies are considered some of the best in the business, and capture images with very high resolution. After the camera captures your images, they are instantly processed in the cloud using our proprietary Blink Inc “kiss” image processing algorithm.

Gift Cards

Do you sell Blink Inc Gift Cards?

Yes.  We sell gift cards that may be purchased in the studio only.

Gift cards may be purchased in denominations beginning at $25.

Blink Inc shoots begin at $25 for 10 minutes.  Blinks(digital images) are $10 each.

A $75 Blink Inc Gift Card will pay for a 10-minute shoot($25), and five images.

Or, you may purchase a whole shoot for $250:

$25 for the 10-minute shoot.

$225 for all the images in the shoot.


During Your Shoot

If my shoot runs long, will I be charged?

Yep. The time you book is the time you’ll have to shoot. If you need to go over your booked time, the producer will either book you an additional shoot right after, or at the next available time.


If my shoot runs short, will I get a credit?

Nope. The time you book is the time you’ll have on set, so please let the photographer help you maximize your time by shooting plenty of options.


How many people can I have in a photoshoot?

We can get up to 25 people on set at one time. Extended families are a good example. Many companies come in with larger groups for single profile/about page pics and team/group shots.

How many pictures can you take during my 10-minute Profile shoot?

We can shoot a few “looks” and more than 80 pictures in a 10-minute Profile photo shoot.

Can I take pictures of the action on set with my cell phone or camera?

Nope. No cell phones or cameras other than ours are allowed on set.

Do you have props?

Nope. We encourage you to get creative and bring in your own. We have beautiful wood apple boxes that can serve as benches, tables and shooting surfaces.

Can I bring a change of clothes?

Yes! Many bring a few different “looks.”  If you’re unsure how much time to book, please call the Blink Inc Producer at your local studio.


What should I wear?

Wear what you love!  Or, coordinate colors within your group for a cohesive look. Get creative, and you’ll love the photos!


What other backgrounds do you have?

We only shoot on white. Skin, hair, clothes, products, and pretty much everything looks gorgeous on white. We also shoot on white so that you can easily drop in any other background using one of the many editing apps available for smartphones and computers in “post."

Purchasing Photos

How long will my unpurchased Blinks be in my account?

Your images are kept in our cloud storage forever, or until you tell us to delete them.   Images that you ask us to delete are gone forever.  


Do you accept cash?

Nope. Credit, debit or Blink Inc Gift Cards only.  Photo Shoots start at $25, Blinks (jpegs) are $10 each.


Shoot Reservations

Can I rent out one of your studios?

In short, no.  Blink Inc relies on our trained staff of photographers and producers to produce high quality photographs during your photo shoot in a short amount of time.  

We do not allow photographers to shoot in our studios unless they have been through our rigorous training program.  Additionally, our lighting and camera setups are configured to work with our proprietary processing software, so it would not be possible for an untrained photographer to use them to get get you the great photographs you would want.

Can I request a photographer for my shoot?

Blink Inc hires only photographers who have trained at schools such as Cal Arts or International Center for Photography.  All of our photographers go through our training process to learn to use our proprietary lighting, cameras, and processing software to capture great photos in our studios.

We cannot always guarantee that a particular photographer will be available during your shoot, but feel free to call one of our studios and request to book a session when your favorite photographer is on the store schedule.


Can I cancel my shoot?

Yes. You can cancel your shoot for a full refund up to 24 hours before your shoot start time.  If you do not cancel your shoot within 24 hours, you can reschedule your shoot for any time that is free at a Blink Inc studio, but the shoot reservation fee will not be refunded.

Can I reschedule my shoot?

You can reschedule a shoot within 24 hours of its start time for any other available time once you are within this 24 hour period.


Can I bring my pets in to photograph?

Yes! We do pet photography of dogs and cats, and any animal that is safe to bring into our studio.


Do you photograph babies?

Yes! We take great pride in our natural, candid, elegant approach to photographing babies. We’re also proud to work with families from maternity photos through growing up! We suggest a few items to bring in with your baby:

  • Favorite blanket
  • Sheepskin
  • Onesies
  • Caps
  • Binkies
  • Bottles
  • Booties

Feeding your baby right before the shoot will lead to a happy and content baby, and will result in better photos.

Do you do birthday parties and other events?

Yes! Book 20, 30, 60+ minute shoots for your B-Day party or other events. Come in with friends and family, wardrobe changes, hair and makeup stylists, etc. If you’re unsure of how much time to book, please give us a call, and one of our Producers will be happy to help.

Can I book an hour+ shoot for my event?

Yes! Many book an hour or more for events, products, fashion and shoots that require more set-up or involved art direction and styling.


How much time do I need?

Families, kids and Profile customers love our 10-minute shoots. Twenty minute shoots are perfect for extended families, a few fashion looks or a few outfit changes. Longer shoots are perfect for shooting your fashion line, product photography, events and birthday parties. If you’re still unsure, please give us a call and one of our Producers will be happy to help.


What if I’m running late?

Please try to arrive for your appointment on time. If you are more than five minutes late, you may need to be rescheduled to the next available shoot time so that we can give you the full time you scheduled on set.  If you know that you are going to be late, please call the Blink Inc producers at your local studio to reschedule your shoot time.


Can I book back-to-back shoots?

Book only the time you need. If you need 20 minutes, book a 20-minute shoot. If you’re not sure about timing, please call one of our Blink Inc Producers for assistance.

Can I use my smartphone to book my shoot?

Yes! Log in to your account, book shoots, view past shoots and buy Blinks.

Do I need an appointment?

We love walk-ins, but to guarantee that you get the date and time you want, we recommend that you book your shoot in advance on our website.


Sharing Your Photos

Can those I share with buy Blinks from my shoot?

Yes! And they can also download your purchased Blinks. Sharing is easy!

  • Click on View Shoot
  • Click the Share button
  • Add email addresses of those you want to share with.
Can others re-share my shoot?

No.  The people you invited to view your shoot have to create an account with Blink in order to view the photos in the shoot.  They are prevented from further sharing the shoot.

How many people can I share my shoots with?

There is no limit to how many people you can invite to view your shoot. 

Can I share my shoots?

Yes! Please share your shoot. It’s easy! Click on View Shoot, click the Share button, and add email addresses of those you want to share with.